Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial furniture invariably calls on solid, raw and recycled materials, mostly timbers with the use of metals to achieve a hard wearing weathered look. It was first used in Warehouse, Factories or Urban loft living but now the Industrial style is a look that can apply itself to so many interiors, as either an all- encompassing theme or simply used for pops of character and charm. The design is often quite masculine in style and form. Large sectional Open Bookcases are a staple item in any Industrial themed room, to create the illusion of multiple rooms or just divide up the living spaces.

A neutral colour palette is often used with some touches of bold rustic colours to add some interest, the more simple colours allow for these statement pieces to stand out and liven up a space. The mix of timber and metal together is often used to create an industrial or aged look in a piece. At Hemisphere we stock a variety of Industrial pieces from Large Bookcases to intricately carved sideboards to coffee tables with large metal wheels. Our Fendy range is an Industrial/ Urban look, which has cleaner lines and the finish is more consistent. Industrial styling doesn’t just mean large heavy pieces of furniture, the use of Lamps/ Mirrors and decor pieces made from recycled materials or pieces that perhaps just have a vintage feel can be used.

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